How does it work?

You can choose qualified teachers and book private lessons. You decide when and how much to learn.


How it works


The eClass website provides students with a convenient tool to search for teachers and book online classes with our teachers.

The process for students to use eClass's services:

  • Students register for a student account on eClass.
  • Students log in to their account, choose to buy an appropriate fee package and make the payment.
  • Students search and select teachers and courses that are suitable for students' needs. Students book lessons with the teachers at the teachers' available time. A lesson can be booked, if the account balance is equal to or higher than the price of the lesson. The teacher will confirm the lesson.
  • At class time, students will learn with teachers via third-party software (Google meet, Zoom, Skype).

In order to improve service quality, after each lesson, students can send feedback about the lesson. The feedback can be viewed by the management team of eClass and teachers.

In addition, if there is a problem from the teacher's side, leading to the inability to complete the confirmed lesson booking, students can use the Report issue function to notify us within 24 hours after the class so we can provide timely support.

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