Why should you set goals when learning English?

Instead of feeling discouraged, set a goal to learn English and the next steps for the most effective way to learn English. Setting goals is an important step that ensures your progress and gives you better motivation to study.

Learning English with native teachers, should or should not?

English is a useful tool for your career and future. The practice of English communication skills is very important. For English communication to become a strength to help you succeed in life, you must first determine that learning English is a long-term goal and need a specific and clear plan.

How to improve English communicate effectively?

To be able to communicate well in Vietnamese, you have to spend a lot of time practising. Communicating in English will be even more difficult. Therefore, you need to have a suitable study method to improve your English communication. Having good English communication skills is essential in many industries and…

30 years old, should I learn English?

30 years old learning English, your biggest difficulty is not your age but the fear in your heart. You may be facing a lot of fears, fear that you will be slow to keep up with young people, and fear that your English will not be good. You don't have…

03 popular methods of learning English today

Learning English online is undeniably a valuable asset – and online education is certainly valuable in this era. But, when the world returns to normal, will this learning method still be necessary? Or would classroom sessions with English learning tutors be better?

Is English test preparation with native teachers effective?

How to practice English effectively is one of the biggest concerns of students. English test date is approaching but your knowledge and skills are still not enough to reach your goal. Are you looking for a good English teacher to improve your English skills quickly and score well on the…

How to overcome your fear of learning English?

We've all been scared, and nervous about learning a new language. We have a lot of fear, fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of others laughing at us, fear of the unknown.

Why is it important to assess your English regularly?

Taking an English proficiency test will be one of the important steps in your English learning schedule. You should regularly check your level to know how your English skills are and have met the needs of the job or how can archive the goal.

Should I have a standard English American or British accent?

Learning to speak English fluently is difficult, and practicing speaking English with a standard British or American accent is even more difficult. What standard should you practice speaking English according to? What is a “standard” English accent?

How should I learn English with a busy schedule?

The reason many people procrastinate learning English is “busy schedules”. English is a language that everyone needs to integrate into the world, and access opportunities for advancement in work. With the increasing competition in the field of learning English, it is not always easy to choose the right course. In…