The big difference when learning English with native teachers

How about learning English from a Chinese teacher? This is a concern of many students. Because English is a particularly important and popular language in Vietnam, the whole world. Therefore, the best way to learn all the reading, listening, writing and speaking skills well is to learn from foreign teachers.

Tips to help parents easily "identify" the best 1-on-1 English centers

Currently, finding one-on-one English centers for children with good reputation and quality has always been a concern for parents. In this article, we will suggest some precautions to parents so that people can easily "identify" the address where children are taught English.

How to help you overcome the challenge of learning English?

English proficiency is now crucial for success in daily life, the workplace, and career growth. Although there are several chances, learning English can be difficult and depressing for many people. So how do we overcome these challenges?

What makes it difficult for everyone to learn English?

Currently, one of the required classes in Vietnam is English in Saigon. In actuality, a lot of people say they are "afraid" of learning English. Why did that take place? Let's investigate the cause together!

What obstacles will a delay in English learning bring about?

Learning English with an American accent is a matter of great interest to many people today because it is the most used language in the world. Nonetheless, since learning a foreign language is never easy, many people disregard it and don't take it seriously.