What is the cause of the increasing loss of English roots?

One of the topics that many people are most interested in nowadays is helping those who have lost their roots learn English. The reason is that English roots are disappearing at an alarming rate. How come then? What can be done to make them better?

Should I learn Toeic English or Communicative English?

Many people wonder whether they should study English or practice Toeic in order to converse. Since evaluating and enhancing learners' English communication skills is a shared objective of both courses. What is the best course, then? To learn the following article, kindly enroll in Eclass!

Advance your English communication skill with native teachers in 3 months!

Being able to communicate in English is regarded as a crucial soft skill for the workplace because you must utilize it constantly. But if you are worried about your English proficiency or feel too busy to study English, Eclass offers an online English learning program with foreign professors that is…

Where is the best place to practice for the English exam in district 10?

Everyone is familiar with the Eclass Center, which has trained thousands of students with strong English skills, the confidence to study abroad, and the ability to confidently work for big companies in Vietnam, when it comes to the well-known English test preparation center in District 10. Please see the Eclass…

Where is the best place to teach English for busy people?

We cordially invite you to the English Central in HCM, the top online English school available today that has enabled many young people to pursue their dreams of studying abroad, working for multinational corporations, and developing their English communication skills from scratch.