How to improve your English communication skills?

English has become a popular second language in Vietnam. More and more people speak English and children have been learning English from an early age. Regardless of the learning goal, English is still the language that needs to be used in oral or written communication. Therefore, English communication skills are very important for learners. Do you would like to practice English communication to speak English more confidently? Please refer to the following suggestions of the Eclass!

Suggest ways to improve English communication skills

Speak slowly


You might expect your English speaking skills to be fluent enough to sound natural like a native, but in reality, to get to this level, you have to speak English slowly in the beginning. Never be afraid to make mistakes and don't pressure when your English speaking speed has not caught up with your peers. The important thing now is not the speed of speaking English but the message and meaning of the sentence that you want to convey to the other person. Therefore, speak slowly and clearly state what you want to say!

Learn English sentences

Instead of learning each word, learn a few sentences containing that word so that when you use it, your English speaking skills are more fluent and natural. Sentences with situations and contexts will make it easier for you to remember and use them more effectively than a word with multiple meanings. You will study English quickly.

Practice writing regularly

It may sound strange but communication skills are related to writing skills. Not only do you practice speaking English regularly, you should also get used to how to think in English and write. The process of writing English will help you memorize sentence structure, remember vocabulary effectively.

Practice speaking in front of a mirror or recording


You will be less shy when speaking English if you have practiced speaking in front of the mirror many times. Sometimes poor English makes you lack the confidence to communicate with others, even if they are still willing to listen to you. Therefore, you should look at yourself in the mirror when speaking English to be more confident.

Highlight strange words when listening/reading

All 4 English skills are complementary. You will not be able to improve your communication skills if you neglect the remaining skills. When you hear or read a new, interesting, and highly applicable vocabulary/sentence, memorize it and repeat it many times until you feel familiar. In addition, you can actively make different sentences with the newly learned phrases to use the words better.

 Chat with native speakers

There is no faster way to learn English than by immersing yourself in an English-speaking environment. The process of learning English is essentially imitating the way native speakers speak. Therefore, try to chat with native speakers often to see how quickly you improve.


The best English class in Vietnam opens 1-on-1 courses with native teachers for students, providing different learning opportunities and experiences when practicing communication skills.

In the end, don't be afraid, be persistent and you will do it! Please contact Eclass for us to help you!