3 ways to learn English grammar

English grammar is an important factor for listeners to understand the full meaning of a sentence. However, many people have difficulty learning English grammar. Why do you spend a lot of time learning English but still use the wrong grammar? Please refer to the following ways to learn English grammar for the best solution.

3 Effective methods of learning English grammar

Learn grammar by sentence composition


English grammar shows the harmonious relationship between the components in a sentence to create a complete sentence and put sentences in the correct order. Therefore, first, we need to know what components are included in English sentences.

Part of Speech

English includes 8 words of the type Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection. Each group of words has different roles and functions. A word can consist of many types of words and can perform many different functions in a sentence.

For example, "drink" is both a noun and a verb. Therefore, in a sentence, "drink" can be in two positions as follows:

“I would like a drink”

“He drinks too much”

Basic sentence structures

Sentences consisting of one or more words linked together have the function of affirmation, interrogation, exclamation, request, suggestion. Sentences have a subject and verb phrase structure.

Example: Hoa (someone) tells me (do something for me)



Phrases that add some information or context to a sentence, do not have a subject + verb structure.

Example in the sentence: “After lunch, I will visit grandma”, “After lunch” is the phrase.

The clauses in the sentence

A clause has a subject + predicate structure, which can act as an independent sentence or a clause that adds meaning to the sentence.

For example, "When the thief broke into the house, the dog barked at him" includes both independent and dependent clauses. Where the first clause is the dependent clause and the second clause is the independent clause.

Coming to the best English tutor in Vietnam, we will give you more examples to help you memorize the components of a sentence.

Common grammar mistakes

Every English learner will make different grammar mistakes, so write down the grammar mistakes you often make while speaking or writing. Then, you should really memorize the grammar mistake, rephrase the sentence and repeat it many times until you can speak/write the whole sentence without spending much time thinking.

Some common grammatical errors are:

+ Misplaced commas in sentences

+ Misuse of synonyms

+ Cannot distinguish it's and its

+ Can't distinguish "farther" and "further"

It is very difficult not to make mistakes in the process of learning English, so don't hesitate or be ashamed to be wrong. Be ready to correct mistakes to improve every day and use English more fluently.


Practice English often

In the end, English is not a theory that needs to be memorized, it is a subject that needs regular practice to use fluently.

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