Should I learn English with a Vietnamese teacher or with a native teacher?

English is an important skill for the younger generation to go outside the country and explore the world. In the trend of globalization, mastering a common language brings a lot of advantages to learners. Are you preparing to learn English but don't know how to overcome your fear and language barrier? Should you study with a Vietnamese teacher or learn English with foreigners? Here are some suggestions for you.

Should I learn English with Vietnamese or native speakers? Which method is effective?

Choosing English learning methods is always a topic of interest to learners because learning methods shape the success of learners. Before having a method, let's find a reliable companion, a good teacher - a good student! Should you study at an English class with native speakers or study with a Vietnamese English teacher?


Benefits of learning English with native teachers

+ Have the opportunity to communicate regularly with native speakers to listen and pronounce according to the native language. As a result, learners will naturally form reflexes and use natural language.

+ Knowledge of the language and culture of native teachers will help learners have a deep awareness of the English language.

+ Create an environment for learners to bathe themselves in English to practice skills effectively.

+ Bringing new, modern, and interesting learning methods

However, not everyone can learn English effectively with native speakers, especially beginners. Language barriers in the learning process can make learners feel discouraged and unmotivated to make efforts.

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Benefits of learning English with Vietnamese teachers


+ Having a good pedagogical qualification, majoring in English, understanding the common mistakes made by Vietnamese people when learning English. This will help learners have a more suitable learning method.

+ Explain and help learners overcome cultural barriers and absorb better.

+ Support learners in the process of absorbing a new culture and in forming good English habits and reflexes.

+ Consolidate English knowledge when learners can't keep up.

+ Learners freely share difficulties and inadequacies for support.

+ Teachers can accompany, guide, and review for learners to consolidate knowledge and improve English skills.

However, if learners learn English in a Vietnamese-speaking environment, it is very difficult to practice language reflexes.


Each method has its inadequacies, that's why today's foreign language centers have organized English classes with two teachers, one is a Vietnamese teaching assistant who is good at English, the other is an English teacher who is a native speaker. They will use their own advantage to bring the complete learning session to the learners.

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