Methods of learning English grammar for beginners

If you were asked which stage in the process of learning English made you the most difficult, “beginner” could be the answer of many people. Mastering grammar is mastering a new language. Since different languages have different grammar patterns, learners often face challenges at the beginning. For example, English and Vietnamese grammar are two completely different concepts and it can take a long time for learners to understand how to use them. Here is the English grammar learning method you are looking for. Let's learn many new things with  Eclass!

5 Effective methods of learning English grammar

#1. Learn as many words as possible.


To learn English grammar easily, the most basic element is words. You can learn vocabulary in readings, news, magazines, or dictionaries. Use new words as often as possible so you can remember them better. At first, don't worry about grammar until you are comfortable using new words and can understand at least half of what you hear.

#2. Chat in English.

Knowing English means you have become part of an English-speaking community. Try to learn English through conversations with native speakers. Take any opportunity to talk to them, even on the phone. You learn English grammar by listening to how they use words even if you don't know the rules of grammar. The more words you hear correctly used, the more you will learn.

#3. Watch and learn English.

The best way to learn grammar is to watch movies and TV shows in your favorite language. Choose the movie/music you like and listen carefully. Please review it several times if you do not understand anything. Can be watched with English subtitles to help you understand what is being said in the movie.

#4. Request correction for grammatical errors.


Don't feel embarrassed about using English grammar wrong because it is not your native language and language is an unlimited body of knowledge. Ask someone to correct you when necessary so you can learn from your mistakes. Once you have something edited and re-read, check with the original document to see where you went wrong. Take note of all the edits and practice!

The most popular method of learning English quickly enters into English center with native speakers. They have the most standard way of speaking English and often incorporate culture in the sentences they use, creating conditions for you to have the best understanding of English.

#5. Learn the eight parts of speech in sentences

Now that you know many words, you should know how to use them in a sentence. You can divide the words you know by the part of speech. You need to know this when learning grammar because the part of speech will tell you how to use the word in the sentence.


• Noun - is the name of a person, place, or thing. They can be proper nouns of specific names like Julie, Cambridge University, and iPhone, or common nouns or generic terms like a girl, school, or smartphone.

• Pronouns - replace nouns in sentences. Types of personal pronouns (he, she, it); possessive (mine, hers, his); reflexive (myself, herself, himself, itself); reciprocal (each other); relation (that, which, whom, whose); specify (this, that); interrogative (who, what, when); and indefinite (anyone, anything, nothing, somebody).

• Adjectives - describe a noun or pronoun, ie pretty girl, prestigious school, gray smartphone.

• Preposition - a special adjective used to determine whether a noun is definite (the) or indefinite (a/an).

• Verbs - action words, eg jump, walk, speak, write, be

• Adverbs - describe a verb, adjective, or another adverb, eg jump high, walk slowly, very pretty, highly prestigious school

Conjunctions - put two parts of a sentence together, (and, or, but)

• Prepositions - showing position or direction, used with a noun or pronoun, for example, He went up the stairs or Julie came from school.

• Interjections - words that express emotion, ie, Wow!, Ouch!

When you identify word types, you get a better understanding of how words come together in a sentence. When you use English regularly and become a habit, you will not think much about words anymore and still be able to make correct sentences. That's when English becomes your new language.

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