How to focus on learning English online effectively?

Learning English online is as effective as many people think? The answer depends on the learner because there are many "temptations" that distract you from studying. If you do not have good self-study skills, then find a reliable companion to be motivated to study English more seriously. Please refer to E-class's online private English course, native English teachers will accompany you in every lesson, revive your spirit and engage you in each useful and interesting lesson.

Difficulties in learning English online and solutions

Loss of concentration, easily distracted


You do not have to sit at the desk to study English continuously in the scheduled time because in between those times, you may lose focus. There are many students who are full of energy and passion in the first session but get bored and give up in the following sessions. That is also the biggest obstacle that makes you ineffective in learning English online.

The solution is to remove any factors that might dominate or affect your focus. Online learning requires you to use a computer and an internet connection, so to focus more, please temporarily turn off notifications on all online applications.

At the same time, you should train your ability to concentrate gradually. For example, you should first study English continuously for 20 minutes, then go out to rest for 10 minutes and then come back to study. The next day, focus continuously for 25 minutes. Have a plan to improve your skills and improve yourself.

In addition, you can also study with an English tutor, who will lead and suggest the effective way to learn English for you.


No study plan

This is the difficulty of most of you self-study English online. You may not know where to start, how to study, and how to achieve your ultimate goal. Without direction and a plan, you will easily feel bored and unmotivated to study.

The solution is to set goals and break them down to accomplish within the scheduled time. You should check your current English level, determine the requirements to achieve the set goals and the time that you need to practice to achieve that result.


Orientation and goals will be a guide for you to not get lost in the huge block of English knowledge.

No one to interact with

Language learning requires interaction between you and other people, preferably with English speakers with standard pronunciation or native speakers. English courses at the best language centers create the best approach for you to practice English through interaction. Eclass organizes 1-on-1 classes for you to study English with native speakers, creating conditions for students to improve their reflexes, listening, and speaking skills and to update useful cultural knowledge.

Please contact Eclass for the most effective online English learning method.