Why do children learn English more effectively than adults?

There are many parents who let their children learn English from an early age and find that children learn very quickly and they are good at foreign languages ​​better than adults. Not only learning English vocabulary, but children also learn English grammar and make meaningful sentences, convey messages in English well, and use similar intonation as native speakers. There is an opinion that children learn English easier than adults, is it true? We invite you to consult with Eclass for the following information.

Do children learn foreign languages ​​faster than adults?

Many people believe that children learn languages ​​faster and easier than adults.

The idea of ​​"learning English as soon as possible" is based on a theory called "Critical Period Hypothesis (CPH)" which indicates that children's brains are more receptive when learning a new language. Children learn languages ​​more easily because their brains are still developing and their plasticity allows them to use both hemispheres to learn the language while adults use only one hemisphere.


It is true that adult brains and children's ones are structurally different, but according to an article from TELC (European Language Certificate), both brain types have their own advantages when it comes to learning a foreign language.

As for children, “The researchers claim, young minds have a more dynamic structure, a 2-year-old child has twice as many brain connections (or synapses) as an adult. As the child gets older, the brain will determine which of all the new knowledge is the most relevant and cut out the data that it considers unnecessary. This is especially true of a child's native language."

On the other hand, “adult brains are certainly physically different, especially in the area known as “Broca” but we are also capable of learning a new language as easily as a child " according to TELC. Adults “have a wealth of life experiences” on which they can rely, and “adult is by far a more intelligent being,” he said.

What's more, a study from the University of Essex found, "the real reason it's easier for children to learn languages ​​is simply because children have more time and fewer responsibilities."

Thus, the fact still shows that children have more advantages when learning foreign languages, so parents can learn about the best online English class so that their children have the best learning conditions.

Benefits of letting children learn English at an early age


Bilingual children learn faster and easier, improve problem-solving skills and creativity, and have more career opportunities as adults. They also easily connect with other cultures, which helps them to be more open and accepting of diversity.

Also, learning a second language is not as difficult as it used to be. Scientists are constantly researching second language acquisition and developing new methodologies to help children learn faster. And, the growing demand for language programs has created a whole new market for professional English courses, where children can enjoy favorite activities and learn a new language together.

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