Learning English – How to start?

If you don't know anything about English or have studied it but can't remember it for a long time, what should you do to improve your English most effectively? Have you ever felt that you are taking one step forward but two steps back on the road to learning English?…

Instructions on how to improve effective English Writing skills

Whether you want to register for any English exam, you still need to practice the 4 skills of listening - speaking - reading - writing. In particular, each skill has different requirements and needs different training methods. To save time, you can practice English effectively at English center with native…

How to overcome the pressure of English exam preparation

Làm thế nào để vượt qua áp lực, sợ hãi và thất bại trong cuộc thi tiếng Anh? Các bạn đặt kỳ vọng rất nhiều cho kỳ thi và điều này có đôi khi trở thành áp lực khiến bạn thấy lo lắng.

Instructions on how to speak standard American English

Tiếng Anh là một ngôn ngữ phức tạp vì có rất nhiều bất quy tắc khi nói đến ngữ pháp và cú pháp. Tiếng Anh - Mỹ có thể khó học hơn vì có rất nhiều biến thể trong phương ngữ và giọng nói giữa các vùng. Nếu bạn muốn…

The advantage of learning English with native teachers

Learning English with native speakers will expose you to idioms, dialects, and slang. Although grammar is still a sore spot for many students, knowledge of idioms, dialects, and slang will come in handy when you're communicating in a new language with other native speakers.

12 basic English grammar rules

Learning English grammar is not an easy task for English learners, especially for students who do not have appropriate learning methods. All learners, at any level, have questions and doubts about grammar when they are learning English. Before you start learning grammar, determine your level of English at beginner, intermediate…

Should I practice English in a group or alone?

Some students prefer to study alone with their methods and schedules, while others prefer to study in groups to facilitate exchange and skill development. Which learning method do you prefer? Let's discuss this with Eclass in this article!

The principles of effective English learning

How to learn English effectively and progress? That is the concern of many students. You can search the effective way to learn English on the internet, then try, fail and evaluate to make the best choice for yourself. Here are some effective English learning principles, invite you to consult with…