TOEIC vs IELTS: Which is Right for Working Professionals?

IELTS and TOEIC are two international English language proficiency exams that are widely recognized around the world. In the context of increasing globalization, these two exams are becoming increasingly important, especially for working professionals.

How to Remember English Effectively for Beginners

Learning English is a long and challenging process. It requires patience, hard work, and a lot of practice. However, many people struggle to remember English vocabulary and grammar, which can make learning the language less effective. Here are some tips that can help you improve your English memory.

Learning English: Benefits and Effective Strategies

English is one of the most important and widely spoken languages in the world today. Therefore, learning English is highly significant and comes with numerous benefits. Today, let's go through some of the advantages for those who know English!

5 ways to integrate culture into English lessons

Culture and language are closely related. Integrating culture into English lessons helps students understand the language better and how to use it in a specific cultural context. This not only helps students improve their communication skills but also helps them understand their own cultural identity and that of other cultures.

The golden principles for teaching children to learn English

Teaching English to children is always a matter of great concern for parents today. Because children under 5 years old have much more difficulty learning English than adults. Therefore, in today's article, we will provide some principles for parents to consider and implement so that their children can learn a…

What are the most effective methods for learning English online?

With advantages such as flexibility, time, and cost savings, learning English online is a suitable choice for many people. However, to make online English learning effective, you need to understand the appropriate learning methods. Eclass Language Center always provides the most effective English learning methods to its students. Learning English…

Loss of English Proficiency: Causes and Remedies

The loss of English proficiency is becoming a common issue in today's society, making it increasingly challenging for people to learn English. So, what are the reasons behind this growing problem?

Useful advice for those who are new to learning English

Learning English is always a topic of great interest, especially in a rapidly developing economy, modernization, and strong international integration in Vietnam today. For those who are just starting to learn a foreign language, they may encounter many difficulties and feel bewildered about what to prepare and how to study.…

Why Learning English Through One-on-One Online Courses Matters

English has become an essential part of modern life, and learning English through one-on-one online courses is an increasingly popular choice. However, to ensure that you're investing your time and money in an effective course, it's important to carefully evaluate key factors. Let's delve deeper into this in the following…