Communicative English or test preparation: Which one should I learn first?

This is a question that makes you seriously hesitate to start preparing to learn English. Which is more beneficial, and which should be studied first, gaining communication skills or being ready for certification exams? Case-by-case is the response.

Should I learn conversational English first or prepare for the certification exam first?

Depending on the learners' needs at any given time, either learning English for communicative purposes or studying for the certification exam should come first.

Prioritize studying for the certification exam first if you are still in school or require a Toeic or Ielts degree to graduate. 

You should also decide to prepare for the certification exam in accordance with the needs of the other party if you wish to work for a multinational corporation, pursue an education overseas, or settle down. 

And if you already have a job but want to improve your relationships and have the chance to grow personally, you should decide to learn English so you can communicate! So, we can't conclude which one to learn first, which one to learn later, but it depends on your current goals.

The common points of learning English for communication and learning English for certification exams are:

+ Conversational English

To improve pronunciation, the international IPA phonetic chart will be taught to you again with simply the mouth shape adjustment. Also, you will learn how to conduct yourself properly in a business, negotiating, or office setting. Being able to communicate well in English will help you get jobs at large corporations.

+ Certification English test preparation

Through the Speaking test in the test, the Toeic Certificate and IELTS both evaluate your English competence based on scenarios such as business, commerce, tourism, etc. Contrarily, people with high Toeic and Ielts scores—even those with 800++ still struggle to converse in real English. On the other hand, those with strong communication skills may not always succeed on the certification exam. In light of this, we can say that, depending on each person's needs, learning English conversation or studying for the certification exam is acceptable.

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English Center with American accent with native teachers at Eclass

Come to Eclass where you will receive 1:1 instruction from professors who are native Americans if you wish to learn normal American English. Through practice with your tutor and instruction using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), you will learn how to pronounce words correctly. You will have a personalized learning path for learning English, which will make it simpler for you to "introduce." Sign up to learn American English, and in just three months, you'll be fluent and able to communicate with foreigners with confidence. For foreign certification tests, hone your speaking, listening, and communication abilities. Enroll as soon as possible at Eclass to receive a discount on the future semester's tuition.

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