Should I have a standard English American or British accent?

Learning to speak English fluently is difficult, and practicing speaking English with a standard British or American accent is even more difficult. What standard should you practice speaking English according to? What is a “standard” English accent? There are many different opinions surrounding this topic. The "standard" accent is often referred to as "television station English", English commonly heard on national news television programs (e.g. BBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBC). Every English learner has their favourite English accent, choose that English accent as the standard for you to strive to study and practice. Either way, you should pick a standard, learn to pronounce words in that accent, and use that pronunciation consistently.

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What's the best way to practice speaking English?


What is difference between American English and British English?

American English and British English have some differences in spelling rules, grammar rules, accents, and vocabulary. You can know about this difference to understand English can also be spoken in many different ways but you do not need to study and learn them if you do not like it or have no special requirements in your work or academic research.

The truth is that all English speakers can understand each other, regardless of how they speak English. English speakers from different countries can watch movies, read books, work together, and read each other's news. As a result, they are often exposed to different words and spellings that other English speakers use.

Should you care about the difference between American English and British English?

The answer will depend on why you are learning English. You only need to care about the difference if you are preparing for an English exam as TOEFL exam preparation, you are applying to or attending an English university, or you are using professional English for work. Usually, in these situations, you need to pay attention to spelling and grammar rules as it can affect your score or reputation.

Should you use American English or British English?


This depends on your circumstances and wishes. Do you live in an English-speaking country? So adjust your English accent according to the country where you live.

In case you plan to study abroad in an English-speaking country, you should learn American English if you want to come to the United States. If not, then focus on British English as most other English-speaking countries use British English spelling and grammar standards.

For example, if you plan to study at a British university, be it Oxford, Cambridge, or any other, learning British English will make it easier for you to achieve that goal. You will also understand the lectures faster.

If you are planning to work for an American company or immigrate to the US, of course, learning American English is something you should consider.

However, not all learners have such clear goals. If you don't plan to study at Oxford or move to the United States, you have two options:

One is that you choose the most commonly used English accent. Today, there are about 300 million American-English speakers and about 67 million English-British speakers.

Second, you choose the English accent you like. If given the opportunity, chat with international friends from many countries with different English accents. From there, you can decide if you need to learn American English or British English or another accent you like.


Finally, if no situation forces you to choose, feel free to study English until you master it. It is important that the English language, whatever its variation, allows us to connect with the world.

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