How to overcome your fear of learning English?

We've all been scared, and nervous about learning a new language. We have a lot of fear, fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of others laughing at us, fear of the unknown. Many students have struggled with fears for a long time and give up. All of these are barriers that prevent you from learning English as well as you expect. So if you find your fear is holding you back, find a way to overcome it and study English fluently.

Eclass is always ready to help you overcome your fear of learning English.

How to overcome the fear of learning English?


The first thing to do is to admit what you are afraid of learning English. If you know what you're afraid of, you can find a way to face it. Some ways to help you overcome your fear of learning English are:

English chat by text

If speaking English face-to-face makes you so nervous that you can't say a word, try texting. In other words, instead of talking to someone in person, you can talk to them via text message. You can use free English learning apps to find chat buddies or sign up for a 1-on-1 English course at Eclass. Eclass teachers will advise you on the best English learning solution to become more confident in English communication.

Practice speaking English from the most straightforward sentences

Although texting or discussing online is an effective method to help you overcome your fear of learning English and conversing with others. However, that is still only a temporary solution. You still have to use English in your daily life and converse with native speakers or other international friends/colleagues.

To practice speaking successfully, start with yourself. Read everything aloud - Speak to yourself - Record yourself - Send voice messages. You can also talk to yourself. This may sound crazy, but it is useful to many English learners.

Besides, you should record your speech to check how fast you speak, what words you have difficulty pronouncing, etc. This method helps you improve your English speaking skills even without a teacher.

And if you want a native teacher to edit for you, you can send the recording to Eclass's classroom and practice IELTS speaking.


Join an online lesson

If you feel comfortable speaking English but are not completely confident, you can find an online tutor and talk to them without turning on the camera. Native teachers will help you correct pronunciation and sentence structure like normal lessons. With this method, you will reduce stress when learning English. Gradually, as your skills improve, start your online learning with a camera.

Eclass is proud to be one of the best English learning centers, we will help you find the right solution for you to overcome your fear and learn English better.

Study with loved ones

Sometimes, English learners feel shy when talking to native speakers. In this case, you can practice speaking with non-native speakers first. This could be friends, classmates, co-workers, or anyone you feel comfortable with.

Vietnamese teachers will help you feel more familiar and comfortable. They can also give a lot of good tips for learning English because they also have to learn on their own.

However, at some point, you should overcome your fear of speaking to native speakers. You can do this by taking lessons with native teachers in Eclass or meeting natives in the city.


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