03 popular methods of learning English today

Learning English online is undeniably a valuable asset – and online education is certainly valuable in this era. But, when the world returns to normal, will this learning method still be necessary? Or would classroom sessions with English learning tutors be better?

The popular methods of learning English today

Learn English online by yourself


There are many online English courses you can take, from free to paid.

The advantages of online courses include:

Flexibility. You can study at home or anywhere you like. You can also access classes at any time and schedule them whenever, so you can tailor your studies to fit your schedule.

Less expensive. These courses are usually cheaper than face-to-face courses or one-on-one lessons.

Study alone. It is the best option if you prefer to study independently without other people. You can progress at your own pace.

The disadvantages of online courses are:

Study alone. You will not be able to interact in English with other people. This will slow down English reflexes and limit English communication when applying English in practice.

Personalized. Classes are often not personalized to your needs or level, so it can be difficult to find exactly the right level. You should learn English online with an English tutor instead of studying alone.

High dropout rate. A lot of people don't want to continue taking online courses. They tend to give up after a few weeks. Dropout rates for online courses tend to be between 40% and 80%.

Who is best for learning English online: Learning English online is best suited for people at a beginner level of English. These courses can help you feel comfortable with your studies if you haven't learned something in a while or if you are someone who needs to learn some basic English structures. If you want to start learning English but don't know where or how to start, online English courses can help you speak English fluently.

Learn English directly with a teacher


Online English classes will bring the following benefits:

Reinforce learning motivation: Depending on your interests, you may feel more comfortable learning English in online classes.

Online English classes give you more motivation than studying English alone because the teacher will check the homework and we don't want to fall behind our classmates.

Native English teachers: In most of the classes, the teachers are very fluent in English and very skilled in teaching. They will give you a lot of useful knowledge. You can also ask your teacher questions at any time.

English Learners: Studying with Others allows you to meet other English learners. You can chat with them in English and improve your language skills together.

Cons of online English courses with an English tutor include:

Cost. Online English classes are usually quite expensive.

Varied quality. The quality of teaching is very different in each English teaching centre. You won't always have an active class and a good instructor.

Speech time. Depending on the teacher, you may not always have the time to participate in class as you would like.

Personalized. The class won't necessarily be at the level that's completely right for you. Often in group classes, the teacher must accommodate all the individuals participating.

Who are the best online English classes for The best online classes for individuals who feel most comfortable in a classroom environment and don't mind the cost? Like online courses, these are probably most effective for beginners and lower-intermediate students.

Private tutor – English 1 on 1


Advantages of one-on-one tutoring include:

Personalized. Classes can (but are not always) be tailored to your needs and progress

Attention. You'll get special attention from your tutor with fewer interruptions and distractions.

Focus on weaknesses. You should be able to work on your weaknesses and master them before moving on to the next topic.

Comment. Tutors can give more and more frequent feedback on your learning than classroom teachers.

Flexible. Usually, 1-on-1 English lessons are more flexible than classes, so you can tailor your sessions to your habits.

Cost. One-on-one English lessons are not always expensive. Depending on the price of the tutor, you may spend less money in the long run than taking a group class because you can learn faster and more efficiently.

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