5 wrong ways to learn vocabulary that make you forget 80% of what you have learned

You will never improve if you continue to learn English vocabulary in the same old way. Let's check to see if you still learn English vocabulary in the following ways by taking an online English class!

5 wrong ways to learn vocabulary that make you forget 80% of what you have learned

1/ Acquire columnar vocabulary

The majority of students have learned in this manner up to this point, and it is still the most popular method. Learning columnar vocabulary entails learning Vietnamese on one side and English on the other. This is a way to prepare for being returned by learning the "dealing" vocabulary. But to remember vocabulary long after learning until later is not. If you want to improve your English, this method is neither safe nor helpful at all.

2/ Acquire too many scholarly and specialist words.

Vocabulary learning is too challenging; if it isn't put to use, you'll quickly lose it. Vocabulary that is too academic, professional, not related to your work, and not commonly used, do not try to learn anything. Instead, learn words and phrases that are used frequently so that you will remember them longer.

3) Vocabulary instruction without pronunciation instruction

Another error in word modification is learning merely the spelling of a word without paying attention to how it is said. Remember, if you want to memorize vocabulary successfully, you should put that word into real settings, pronounce it correctly, listen and understand its meaning. Hence, always master the pronunciation when studying English words.

4/ Increasing vocabulary while improving grammar 

As you are being corrected for grammar mistakes, the teacher will point out any new words that emerge in a sentence, and you should underline them to help you remember the word face. One or two months later, you also forget. It is a temporary method of learning to assist you in the process of doing effective homework, but it is not feasible for real-world application.

5/ Avoid learning word variants.

This is the final, yet most significant, reason for not learning word variations that few people realize. Many variations of the same word, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. To be able to recall word variants in the future, you must get familiar with all of these variations. Example: hope (v) hope but you should study related words hopeful (a), hope (adv), hopeless.

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