Useful advice for those who are new to learning English

Learning English is always a topic of great interest, especially in a rapidly developing economy, modernization, and strong international integration in Vietnam today. For those who are just starting to learn a foreign language, they may encounter many difficulties and feel bewildered about what to prepare and how to study. Today, we will bring you a useful article, and we invite everyone to read it.

Useful advice for those who are new to learning English

1/ Learn vocabulary from basic to advanced.

Start by learning basic vocabulary related to topics around you, such as colors, animals, objects, scenes, family, food, toys, etc.

2/ Study grammar.

Learn how to use simple grammar, such as simple present, present continuous, simple past, present perfect, along with many basic and simple sentence structures.

3/ Listen to English and repeat.

Practice listening to English every day through movies, songs, entertainment programs, and then repeat sentences or words to improve your pronunciation.

4/ Use English learning apps.

Currently, there are many English learning apps available on phones and iPads. You can find an app that suits your level, interests, and learning style to support your English learning journey.

5/ Study English at a language center.

For those who are unsure about their learning direction or cannot manage their time effectively, choosing to attend an English language center is a good option. Here, experienced teachers will provide support and offer suitable learning methods based on an initial assessment test.

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Why Choose One-on-One English Lessons for Children at Eclass?

To answer the question of whether to take one-on-one English lessons at Eclass: At Eclass, our one-on-one English lessons are conducted with highly skilled native-speaking teachers.

When you enroll at Eclass, you will receive a complete curriculum that makes it easy to improve and master all four English language skills from the comfort of your home.

The curriculum is always tailored to each student, with a progression from basic to advanced levels suitable for all age groups, from young children to working adults.

In addition, students have the freedom to choose their lesson times, enjoy free rescheduling, and can cancel classes if needed.

Eclass has a strict class monitoring process, including session recordings, regular monthly assessments, and a dedicated support team throughout the course.

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