Loss of English Proficiency: Causes and Remedies

The loss of English proficiency is becoming a common issue in today's society, making it increasingly challenging for people to learn English. So, what are the reasons behind this growing problem? In today's article, we will explore this issue together. Please continue reading to find out more.

The reasons for many people losing their English proficiency are what? How to overcome it?

Causes of Current English Proficiency Erosion:

1/ Lack of Learning Opportunities: This cause is quite common, especially in small towns and areas where people have limited exposure to English.

2/ Lack of Practice: Learning English requires both theoretical knowledge and practical application. Merely studying the theory without practice is often ineffective, as language skills require continuous maintenance to be retained.

3/ Age Factor: While it might not seem relevant, research has shown that adults tend to learn languages more slowly compared to children. Hence, adult learners need to invest time, effort, and maintain a consistent learning routine.

4/ Lack of Confidence: Fear of mispronunciation, not being understood, and other self-doubts can have a negative impact on one's English language learning journey. Confidence, selective absorption of feedback, and being open to correction in pronunciation, stress, vocabulary, etc., are essential for daily English language improvement.

Remedies for Rebuilding Proficiency:

To overcome English proficiency erosion, you should follow these steps:

1/ Identify the Cause: The first step is to identify the reason behind your loss of English proficiency. Once you understand the cause, you can effectively work on solutions.

2/ Set Learning Goals: Establish specific learning goals, such as achieving a high score in an English exam, becoming fluent in English communication, or watching English movies without subtitles. Having specific goals will help motivate and drive your learning.

3/ Create a Study Plan: Depending on your learning goals, create a study plan that includes study materials, study hours, and effective learning methods.

4/ Find Suitable Learning Methods: There are various English learning methods available. You should find the one that suits you best and helps you learn effectively.

5/ Regular Practice: To prevent losing your English proficiency, practice regularly. Spend time each day reading English books or newspapers, watching English movies, listening to English music, and engaging in conversations with native speakers.

6/ Seek Help: If you find it difficult to learn on your own, consider seeking assistance from English language centers or English language teachers.

Here are some specific tips to help you recover your lost English proficiency:

- Review and strengthen your fundamental vocabulary and grammar. This is crucial as a strong foundation will support your advanced English learning.

- Choose study materials appropriate for your level. Avoid materials that are too easy or too difficult for you.

- Practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing regularly. These are the four key language skills.

- Look for opportunities to use English. Join English clubs, interact with native speakers, or travel to English-speaking countries.


Rebuilding lost English proficiency requires time and effort. Stay committed to your goals, and you will succeed.

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