The golden principles for teaching children to learn English

Teaching English to children is always a matter of great concern for parents today. Because children under 5 years old have much more difficulty learning English than adults. Therefore, in today's article, we will provide some principles for parents to consider and implement so that their children can learn a foreign language better.

Golden principles for teaching English to children

To make children interested in learning English, parents need to teach it the right way.

Here are some principles for teaching English to children:

1/ Combine learning with play

Combining these two elements is important to prevent children from getting bored with learning and, at the same time, ensuring that they have plenty of fun. 

Parents should let children take control of the play by engaging them in activities such as word chase, picture naming, identifying objects, and more. 

In particular, parents should offer rewards to encourage children to learn and play well.

2/ Engage children in real-life activities

Children will remember things better when they see and experience them using all their senses. 

Therefore, teaching English through real-life images is the correct and effective method, and parents should incorporate this into their teaching approach.

3/ Create opportunities for children to speak English

Instead of just focusing on improving listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills, parents should let their children watch entertainment programs, cartoons, etc., in English and ask them to read along to become familiar with the language. 

This method helps children to pronounce correctly and be confident in communicating with others.

4/ Create joy for children

Instead of asking your child how many points they scored in their English lesson, which can create pressure on them, ask if they had fun during their lesson.

5/ Bilingual environment

Create a bilingual environment at home or in the classroom by using English daily. Talk, sing, and even watch movies or read books in English.

6/ Learn through visuals and sound

Use visuals, charts, drawings, and sounds to convey the meanings of vocabulary and grammar

7/ Choose suitable topics

Choose topics that children like, such as animals, family, food, or cartoon characters. This helps create interest and promotes learning.

8/ Set a reasonable schedule

Allocate short and frequent study sessions instead of studying once a week. Remember that repetition reinforces knowledge.

9/ Encourage communication

Encourage children to use English for communication rather than just learning through reading and writing. Encourage them to participate in conversations and practice communication.

Only when children are in a comfortable state can they achieve the best results.

In conclusion, in addition to these principles, there are many effective ways to teach English to children. Parents should remember not to impose English on their children too strictly, as it can make them feel fearful and unmotivated.

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