How to speak American English accent?

English pronunciation is quite difficult for Vietnamese people because their native language does not have sounds like in English. How to overcome the language barrier and speak English like a native? This is a question asked by many learners. The following is E-class's answer, please refer to the following information with us.

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Suggestions on how to practice speaking American English accent

5 mistakes Vietnamese people often make when speaking English:


+ Do not pronounce the last consonant. The last consonant is a special existence in English, this is also the difference between English and Vietnamese, so Vietnamese people often forget to pronounce the last consonant when speaking English. This makes their English pronunciation not be the best.

+ Speak single-syllable words

+ Putting the wrong stress when speaking makes the word have a different meaning or no meaning.

+ Can't pronounce sounds that are not in Vietnamese

+ Pronunciation is not correct intonation.

After realizing the mistakes they often make, learners will have appropriate adjustment methods to improve their speaking skills.

Tips to improve your English speaking skills effectively

Listen more


Speaking more fluently starts with improving listening skills. Hearing a variety of accents and different speaker words will help you imitate voice patterns more effectively and speak more fluently.

Watching movies or listening to the radio is an effective way to practice listening to English in the real world. You will learn new vocabulary and also feel more comfortable with the natural intonation of native speakers.

Our English tutor online also has a full range of listening exercises and mini-movies to help you improve your listening skills.

Use idioms fluently

When you listen to native speakers talk, you will pick up a few funny phrases called idioms that they often use. Colorful phrases like “in the blink of an eye” (very quickly) or “it's a piece of cake” (so easy) can add a level of sophistication to English and help you speak like a native.

Get information about slang

Like idioms, slang is used frequently, almost unconsciously, by native speakers. You'll find English slang varies from region to region, so using special words like native speakers is key to practicing speaking skills.

For example, an English person might say they are "knackered" while an American from the South uses "tuckered out". Both words mean "very tired".

Note, slang is often considered an informal language, so be careful when using it in professional situations.

Improved speed and clarity of pronunciation

If you're trying to speak English like a native, what you say is just as important as how you say it. Improving your speed and speaking clarity will go a long way in improving your fluency and helping native speakers understand you better.

Reading aloud in English is an effective practice to improve your pronunciation. If you've spent enough time listening to native speakers, try to imitate the way they talk. Practice raising and lowering your voice according to the natural flow of the language.


Talk to a native speaker

This is the most important step you can take to speak English like a native.

Whether it's at the airport or in a live online class with one of our teachers just chatting with a native speaker, you'll have the fastest way to improve your English fluency. At first, students were nervous when speaking to native speakers, but the more they did, the more confident they became. That is the result that we are committed to in our course at the intensive English center.

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