How should I learn English with a busy schedule?

The reason many people procrastinate learning English is “busy schedules”. English is a language that everyone needs to integrate into the world, and access opportunities for advancement in work. With the increasing competition in the field of learning English, it is not always easy to choose the right course. In this article, we will discuss some methods to help you learn English effectively.

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04 ways to improve English with a busy schedule

Here are four ways you can improve your English with a busy schedule:


Practice listening anywhere

Despite your busy schedule, you can spend a lot of time waiting for someone, travelling by public transport or by car. Take advantage of this free time to practice listening to English. All you need is an English podcast or audiobook and a headset and a phone.

Instead of listening to multiple talks, you will want to start listening to a short one over and over again until you're familiar with the pronunciation of each word and understand what the talk is about.

Read English every day

Reading is always good for the mind. In the car to work or during your lunch break, read books or news in English. Follow news sites on Facebook to read articles directly on your phone or computer. While reading, try to write down words you don't understand so that when you have time you can look up their definitions and make sentences.


Watch English programs

When you are relaxing at home, watch TV shows or movies in English! If your level of English is still low, choose a short film that you have seen before or a movie for children (Pixar movies also have interesting content for adults). You can improve your English more easily. You can choose to install subtitles in Vietnamese or English for better understanding. The videos on Youtube in English are also very helpful. You can watch the helpful English learning guide or find a Youtube Blogger you like to watch. Youtube has tons of free English lessons to help you improve your skills and improve your vocabulary effectively.

Speak English with friends

A very important part of learning a foreign language is practising speaking, but it is not always easy to find an opportunity to communicate in English with someone. Check to see if any friends in your company or school are also learning English like you. Have them speak English together to improve their speaking and reflexes skills. If there are no English-speaking activities where you live or don't fit your schedule, sign up for a 1-on-1 course from Eclass to practice speaking with a native teacher and study English fluently.


Thus, with a busy schedule, you need to alternate your English study schedule for short periods. Get exposed to English every day to improve your vocabulary and reflexes. During the day, you should spend about 30 minutes seriously studying English, take note of the new words you hear/read/see during the day and make sentences with those words.

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