Is English test preparation with native teachers effective?

How to practice English effectively is one of the biggest concerns of students. English test date is approaching but your knowledge and skills are still not enough to reach your goal. Are you looking for a good English teacher to improve your English skills quickly and score well on the exam? Please refer to the best English learning tutors. Eclass always accompanies you on the way to conquering good English test scores.

English test preparation with native teachers


Eclass offers 1-on-1 courses with native teachers for students to learn English in HCM. Depending on your needs, we will develop different learning paths and methods. Some people want to take a standard American English course, some want to improve their communication skills, some want to practice IELTS, etc. So, if you have come to register at Eclass, all your problems can be effectively solved. Our native teachers, who have worked in the education industry for many years, guide many students, helping them achieve their goals of learning English effectively. So what are the benefits of English test preparation with native teachers?

Native teachers are people who were born and raised in countries where English is their first language, such as the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada (English-speaking areas), and have pedagogical qualifications and skills. They are good English teachers because English is their native language. They will provide students with the following:

+ Rich knowledge of English: This is the biggest advantage of native teachers when teaching English because they understand their mother tongue better than anyone else. To master English requires you to try for a long time. So, learning English with native speakers will help you feel this language more easily and quickly.


+ Standard pronunciation and intonation: When learning any language, it is essential that you feel the sound of that language. Knowing how to make sounds and capture the timbre is that you have mastered 80% of English. Practising English with native speakers will help you “feel” easier than a Vietnamese teacher. The main reason is that teachers in any other country where English is not their first language imitate the pronunciation of native speakers.

Native teachers will help you improve your pronunciation, listening, speaking and communication skills.

English test preparation with Vietnamese teachers

Although the strength of Vietnamese teachers is not phonetics and intonation, Vietnamese teachers are good at grammar. They often study English grammar very carefully. Sometimes their grammar is better than that of native speakers. So, if students want to improve their grammar to use English correctly, learning English with Vietnamese teachers is very effective.


Besides, Vietnamese teachers are the ones who best understand the mistakes Vietnamese people often make when learning English. Therefore, they will orient a much more streamlined and effective exam preparation route for students.

In short, English test preparation with native teachers is a good choice for you to develop your listening and speaking skills and to complete the test for these two skills best. At the same time, if possible, you should study with Vietnamese teachers who will teach English grammar.

Eclass will provide you with the most suitable choice for your success. Come to a English learning centers for better exam preparation.