How to improve English communicate effectively?

To be able to communicate well in Vietnamese, you have to spend a lot of time practising. Communicating in English will be even more difficult. Therefore, you need to have a suitable study method to improve your English communication. Having good English communication skills is essential in many industries and job roles. The ability to express yourself clearly and confidently can help you personally and professionally. Here are some strategies to improve English communication. Please refer to the following information with Eclass. Please get in touch with the English tutor with foreigners, we will work with you to map out a plan that suits your needs.

Methods to improve English communication effectively

Speak slowly


Although the ultimate goal of English learners is to be able to speak English fluently like a native, you should consider based on your current level to set a more appropriate goal. An achievable goal will give you extra motivation to practice and improve. You can speak more slowly to have more time to choose your words, think about your answer, and come up with the best answer possible. Whoever you are trying to communicate with will appreciate that you tried to choose your words carefully and convey the correct message. If you speak fast but do not pronounce correctly, and words are used in the wrong context, you can still fail to communicate. Therefore, please rearrange the order of priority of the elements in English: pronounce them correctly - choose the right words - speak fluently.

Learn sentences instead of words

When you learn a new word in English, take a few minutes to memorize a few sentences that contain the word. In the long run, this will help you a lot in conversation and communication. If you focus on learning English words, then you may know the meanings of words but have difficulty using them properly in a complete sentence.

Listen to others

Always listen to the stories around you because listening to native English speakers can help you improve your communication skills; you will pick up body language, intonation and stress. When you are engaged in a conversation, let the other person speak without interrupting. Listening is also an effective way to practice English communication.

Make a question


Improve communication skills by asking questions – Asking questions is a way to keep you interested in the person you are talking to and what they are saying. Asking questions is the best way to keep the conversation going, and it will also make it easier for you to listen to the other person. Let’s contact us to learn English 1 on 1.

Body language

Body language often reveals more than you think. People can tell you they're listening but stay glued to their phone, or tell someone they're ready but still standing with their arms crossed. Do you believe what they say? Eye contact is also a great gift; Making and maintaining eye contact helps you exude confidence. Think about the signals your body gives off when you talk to others and you may notice a change in the way others perceive you.

Improving English communication skills is a difficult task, but you can achieve your goals if you work hard and pay special attention to how you look, hear and feel in your conversations. yourself and everyone around you. If you need more help, check out our English courses or contact us so Eclass can help you improve your English skills.


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