Guide to planning English exam preparation

English certificates are an effective tool to help you advance in work and study. However, exam pressure can make you depressed and procrastinate. To pass the exam successfully, let’s make a plan to prepare for the exam before you start. If you need more motivation to study every day, let’s…

How to get interested in learning English?

English has become an important tool to help you advance in your career and study. Even though you understand the importance of English, do you still feel bored while studying? So how to get rid of this feeling and be more interested in learning English?

Information about the TOEFL iBT exam

TOEFL is one of the prestigious English language certificates, has global value, and is a tool to help you find a job, apply for a scholarship, study abroad, immigrate, to name a few. To get a TOEFL certificate, you need the effective method of TOEFL exam preparation. If you don't…

Is it difficult to learn English to communicate?

English communication skills that help you successfully communicate ideas and build strong relationships with English speakers. It also is a vital tool for success in an age of globalization. What are the difficulties when learning English?

Native teachers or Vietnamese teachers teach English better?

In a globalized society, the demand for learning English is increasing day by day, so there are more and more English centers to meet a variety of learning needs. You can register to study English with native speakers or study with a Vietnamese teacher. If you are confused about either…

An effective method of learning English grammar

Because of the confusing and complicated rules, English grammar is a difficult subject for many students. However, to learn English grammar is an important part of the process of learning English. Therefore, instead of feelings of helplessness and discomfort, try to find effective learning methods to improve your English learning…

Should I learn English face-to-face or online?

There are two popular forms of English learning today that make learners wonder to choose between online learning and face-to-face learning. Each form has different strengths and weaknesses. To easily make a decision, please refer to the final information of Eclass, then based on your situation choose the appropriate method.

Should I learn English with native speakers?

There are many English classes with native speakers in Ho Chi Minh City that allow you to learn English with native speakers. However, many students are still apprehensive about this choice. Should I learn English with native speakers? What are the benefits of studying with a foreigner? We invite you…